De l’importance des espaces verts comme médicament

Biophilie est un terme formé à partir de la racine grecque « bio » (la vie) et du suffixe -phile (« qui aime »). La biophilie est donc le fait d’aimer le vivant. En 1984, Edward O. Wilson avance l’idée que les humains ont une tendance innée à se chercher des liens avec la nature et avec d’autres formes de vie. Cette attirance peut être inconsciemment motivée par tous les bienfaits que nous tirons de nos connections à la nature. La nature n’est pas seulement une pharmacie à ciel ouvert. Elle est un médicament en elle-même. Et pour les gestionnaires de la , il est important d’en avoir conscience.
Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice: healing through nature
The proposed landscape design for the hospice aims to create a safe and restorative environment where children with life-threatening conditions and their families can find some respite from the stressful clinical environment, while improving their physical and spiritual well-being. Our design is based on the principles that have been proven successful in these type of environments:


  1. Accessibility and inclusivity: The concept for the hospice is articulated around the infinity symbol, the cycles of life, and the continual movement of energy. This is represented physically on the landscape through a continuous path, The Infinity Ribbon, which establishes an accessible and identifiable route. The ribbon threads building and landscape together while creating a multi-sensory journey through the gardens that stimulates behavioural, physiological, and neurological changes in the children, their families, and careers—the ultimate link to healing and general well-being.
  2. The opportunity to make choices: When entering a healthcare facility, our choices are diminished in many ways. To counterbalance that situation, our proposal for the 1.55 acres site offers the children and staff a variety of gardens to choose from depending on the needs and mood of the hospice’s users at each moment in time. Each garden has also been designed to respond to the adjacent indoor programme. From a colourful and cheerful Entrance Garden to welcome the families upon their arrival, to a series of playful and accessible gardens next to the building therapy rooms, to a private and tranquil Contemplation Garden next to the bereavement suites where families can find peace and comfort in their grieving process.
  3. Engagement with nature: Located next to a natural reserve, our landscape proposal creates an immersive experience with nature by visually and physically connecting the building with its context, and by encouraging outdoor activities that imply a direct contact with the natural elements. The Therapy Garden will be an outdoor treatment room with a variety of planting and play equipment adapted to the children´s individual needs. The Horticultural Garden, with raised planting beds, will promote gardening as a rehabilitating group activity. The Sensory Garden will appeal to one’s senses with subtle changes in levels and plants of different colours, textures, and smells.
  4. Encouraging mobility and social interaction: Additional to these gardens and overlooking the adjacent meadows, the Play Zone will host a more active and energetic area where children and siblings will exercise and interact in a safe and secure environment. An open lawn area will be a place for the children, their families, and friends to come together on weekends to celebrate life.


Design will act as a key feature, creating a pleasant and calming environment, providing play areas, and linking the mood inside to the green belt surroundings, taking advantage of the benefits that an immersive nature experience can provide.

Les très bons travaux de V.Loftness et son équipe soulignent que les hôpitaux ne sont pas les seuls constructions qui peuvent profiter des principes biophiliques.

La nature un médicament à plus d’un mal

Dans le cadre de cet hopital, Gensler a eu toute la latitude d’introduire la nature comme les architectes et les ingénieurs le désiraient. Mais dans bien des cas, ils sont tributaires de l’urbanisme et des choix des élus et des gestionnaires de la ville. La et plus encore plus la , ne peut exister sans une intention toute particulière à la bio-diversité. Ainsi, dans des quartiers symboliques comme le centre ville, ce souci de considérer les principes biophiliques sont des plus importants.

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